I would like to express my appreciation towards your professionalism in handling my report and your consideration is highly appreciated.

I am hoping also that you could kindly pass my utmost gratitude for the outstanding customer service showed by Puan Nora to my family Y.M Raja Norazlina and Puteri Naazneen at One Utama's bus counter during my departure on 13th January 2018.

Regards, Asrol Rawi

Positive customer service experience, able to address my problem and solve it.

Regards, Sun Yuan

Thank you for your kind assistance. Such a great customer service job. Speedy reply and very informative.

Cheers, Azlianalot

Thank you so much for your prompt reply in emails and services provided. Keep it up! Thank you!!!

Best regards, Patricia

Thank you very much for your flexible assistance to amend the ticket date due to unintentional change of my flight itinerary. It's really impressive for me to receive your response within less than 2 hours and although it's my first time purchasing bus tickets from Skybus, I believe that I'll have great experience with your service ahead.


Thank u my friend.

I travelled in Malaysia on May this year,it was a happy journey.

Thank u for your service!

If I was going to Kuala Lumpur in the future,I will always choose the SkyBus.“


Dear K Monica,

I had a happy trip.

Thank you so much. Your service is amazing.
We dont have plan to come to Kul this period. But next year I will come there and book your service online.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.


Dear Skybus,

I work as a pilot for AirAsia and have been taking the Skybus to work for the past 4 years. A few weeks ago after a very tiring flight, i accidentally dropped my passport in the bus late at night on the way back to KL Sentral. I realized this only after getting off and the bus had gone. It was the last bus and there was no Skybus staff to assist me at that time. As passports are very valuable to be sold on the black market, my situation felt very desperate as i was sure there was no way i was going to be able to get my passport back.

About an hour later, on my way to the police station to make a report, i decided to go back to KL sentral to try and look for it again. I met two Skybus staff preparing for the first morning bus (i cant remember their names) who helped me identify the driver based on the time the bus arrived in KL Sentral. His name was Nazri. They called him on my behalf, and i spoke to him explaining my situation.

He had already gone Home to sleep after a long day’s work, but took the trouble to wake up and check the bus. He said the passport was under the seat where i had dropped it. I went over to his place to get it from him. He was so tired, that he went back to sleep but made sure his wife was waiting for me with the passport when i arrived. I was so thankful to Nazri and his wife that i then offered a substantial cash reward for their trouble and honesty, which his wife declined to accept.

My job requires me to travel all the time, and had i not gotten back my passport, things would have been very difficult for me. The honesty and integrity of Nazri, and the kindness of your other 2 staff who initially helped me get in touch with him, saved me a lot of trouble.

Their conduct reflects splendidly both on them, and Skybus company. I hope Nazri (and the other 2 staff whose names i will definitely get and send to you if i see them again) are recognized for what they did that day. In this day and age, this kind of honesty and willingness to help a stranger out, is truly remarkable.

Thank you.

Thank for Sky Bus staff; the Driver (Bus6855 staff; Tava).
Yesterday i have forgot my baggage in the bus, when i go back the KL Sentral in 10min the bus is went to lcct, and the station is empty no one there, luckily found 1 of your staff and he manage to call the driver and told me come back in 0130 the bus will back from lcct. I worry some one outsider has been taken my baggage, i wait til the time the bus is back. Finally Mr.Tava told me my bag is in the bus. I really happy & appreciate it. He so responsible & honest, really big thank from him. Wish him & SkyBus always have a good day.
Lai Mun Han

Saya dah dapat semula tab samsung yang tertinggal di dalam bus skybus semalam.terima kasih di atas bantuan pihak skybus yang memberi respon dan bantuan yang cepat dan terbaik.juga kepada pemandu bas yang sudi pulangkan barang tersebut..saya harap pihak skybus dan airasia akan lebih maju kerana memberi bantuan dan servis yang terbaik..terima kasih..
Shazrina Ramli

I was recently in Kuala Lumpur staying at the Golden palm tree resort and I made reservations for one of your Skyvans to pick my family and I up and take us to the Sepang circuit for the Moto GP weekend. The reservation was under the Mckechnie family.
I am writing to you as our driver by the name of Ahmad was absolutely amazing the best driver we have had, he was punctual, kind , very polite, well mannered and a great driver, I would really like and appreciate it if Ahmad would be acknowledged for a job well done. People are quick to make complaints but the good guys are never rewarded and Ahmad needs to be rewarded, please pass this email along to the person in charge and also to Ahmad.

Kind regards
Barbara Mckechnie and family


I would like to convey my gratitude and thank you to Ms Thana, Dinesh Kumar & the driver of Skybus who drove the bus that I took at 11.30pm yesterday from LCCT to KL Sentral (whom I did not get his name).

It was my first time taking Skybus and I was travelling with my family and children. I had left one of my luggage in the bus upon embarking at KLS.

Upon realising this, I had left message to the number that was stated on the bus ticket. I received call this morning from Ms Thana & told her about this incident. She had arranged for me to get back my luggage at KLS upon the driver’s return to work.

I received my luggage which contain a birth certificate amongst other things all in order via Dinesh Kumar at KLS about 4.45pm today.

I recommended all of them for their great service and prompt handling. I called Ms Thana to convey my thanks to her after I received my bag but she had finished her shift.

My first experienced using Skybus turned out to be a pleasant surprise with great service.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards


Dear Ms Cassie,

Thank you for the comfortable and efficient services provided by you during our recent trip to Cameron Highlands and down to KL from 31.05.13 until 03.06.13.

In this regard, would like to extend a special gratitude to the excellent services of the driver (Ahmad) of vehicle No. WQR 1896 – he is a very friendly and accommodating driver with total consideration to his passengers’ safety.

Once again, thank you.

Sincerely and kind regards,
Dorothy Amp; family members


we wish to say that your service was wonderful and Mr Shahir (van1895) drove so well that we were so comfortable. We really had an enjoyable trip and will use your service again the next time we visit genting again. Thanks again and have a great day!

Lyn Chen

Dear Chris.

I took one Skybus tonight at 22.00hrs at LCCT. The driver was very good and he never used the fast Line on the highway. Exactly 1hr to arrive st Kl sentral.

Best regards,

Roland Reynier

Revised schedule to 4am-EXCELLENT!

The change to 4am for the first bus leaving from 1 Utama to LCCT is wonderful and excellent and I wish to thank your management for this change. The previous time of 4.45am for the first bus was indeed very tight for many of us who had to take the early morning flights.
Keep up the great work and to all your drivers as well..

A Gill

Hi Skybus Service,
I’m Nguyen Thi Kim Phung who used the skybus service from LCCT to KL Sentral. I had lost my passport but I couldn’t remember where I lost it. Luckily, the Skybus officer at LCCT saw my passport and kept it and sent an email to me. I got it back already. Thank you so much for  your service.

Nguyen Thi Kim Phung

Hi Sharinee,

A quick note to say thank you for all your assistance in helping me to retrieve my luggage that we thought was lost at KL Sentral skybus terminal. As a traveller, it is daunting when one loses their luggage and it is very comforting to know that people like you can offer honest, reliable and effective assistance. Also, please convey our appreciation to the driver of the bus, Dinesh, who was waiting at the bus terminus with our missing suitcase.

Thank you once again for all your help,
Mr F. Don Paul

I would like to thank Ms Sharinee for assisting me to find my baby stroller which I had forgetten to take from the bus. The bus I took was from LCCT- to KL Sentral  on 18th November 2012.

Ms Sharinee was very kind and helpful to check with the bus driver  I managed to get back my baby stoller on 19th Nov 2012 at 10.00am at KL Sentral.  The stroller had been left in bus number WTL 1119. Mr David, the staff- in-charge at KL Sentral was also very helpful in assisting to contact the bus driver for WTL 1119.

My overall comment is that all your staff are very kind and helpful. Most important of all is the honesty of the staff. Thank you very much..

Vanessa Ng

Great customer support

Recently, I dropped my wallet in the bus from LCCT to Bandar Utama and only realized it late into the night. I would like to give my sincere thanks to Sharinee who took my call at that hour and offered to look into it first thing the next morning, which she did!

I received a phone call the next morning from Sharinee to inform me that my wallet is currently at the counter and to collect it as soon as possible. I was expecting to find an empty wallet when I arrived, but to my surprise, everything was still there! A passenger had apparently picked up my wallet and left it at the counter.

Kudos to Sharinee and her team, which dealt this with such integrity, professionalism and most importantly, honesty!

A big thank you also goes to the good Samaritan who picked up my wallet and placed it with the Skybus counter.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Cassie,

Thank you so much for the arrangement.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend your driver, Ahmad. I left my camera in the van during the trip from LCCT to PJ and he was so kind to return it to us personally the next day. His action is so much appreciated by my family.

Thanks and regards,
Ms. Kow.

To Skybus staff, especially Sharinee and Devan: I would like to say thank you so much for all your help.

On 13th April 2012, I had just arrived from Indonesia, and I took the Skybus from LCCT to KL Sentral at 8.00pm. I arrived at the hotel in Masjid Jamek area, and that that time realised that my bag was left on the bus. I had all my important things in that bag including my wallet with all the money for the trip. It was our first day and it was such a nightmare for us. My husband panicked and left me at the hotel. He went to try and search for the bag. While my husband was away, I tried to calm down and contacted Skybus. I got the number from the Skybus website and called the number immediately.The first number I dialled, no one answered. I tried the other number and Sharinee answered the phone( You were my angel that night). She answered me and I explained everything to her. She was so helpful and so friendly, even though I was in a state of panic. After about two hours, she called me and gave me the good news that my bag was found and that the Skybus staff would keep the bag for me overnight to be collected in the morning at LCCT. Many thanks to you Sharinee really from the depth of my heart. Also to all the staff who helped me find my bag. Thank you so much. May Allah SWT bless you all.

Sharinee and Devan please do not hesitate to contact me if you guys are in Indonesia . We would love to meet you guys


Hi Cassie, My family and I would like to thank your company for a job well done. Prompt email reply with clear instructions and punctual driver. Truly enjoyed the service of SkyVans


Dear sir, madam,We were very worried about our luggage after we left our luggage in a skybus when we arrived at KL central station yesterday evening. After we called skybus early this morning they took care of it and one hour later we could pick up our luggage at the station. We thank skybus for this great service.Bye bye!

Frank en Rebecca

Dear Management and Staff of Skybus,

I take great pleasure in thanking your wonderful staff in keeping my baggage safely which was left behind in the coach compartment on 26 August 2011. I boarded the coach on the 26 August 2011 at K.L.Sentral at 3.45pm and the coach left for LCCT at 4.00pm.The coach took the designated route to LCCT and due to a massive traffic jam on that day at Jalan Sungei Besi, the coach only arrived at LCCT at 5.30 pm.My flight to Yangon was scheduled at 6.10pm. I got off the bus immediately to check in at LCCT and the coach driver kindly agreed to take care of my baggage.

Upon checking in at LCCT Air Asia counter, I was informed that the counter would be closed in 2 minutes and any luggage to be checked in was not allowed due to time constraints.I had no other choice but to leave my baggage with the bus driver and depart for my flight.

Upon coming back to Kuala Lumpur on 30 August 2011, I contacted Skybus about my baggage. I called the office and they were very helpful and gave the necessary assistance to trace where my baggage was. I finally collected my baggage at Skybus counter at Bandar Utama where all my items were intact.

Thank you for having trustworthy staff and keep up the good work Miss Sharinee.

Warm regards,

Dear Cassie,

My girls have arrived safely in SMK(P) Sri Aman. The skyvan contacted me right on dot at 6.00am. We could recognise the van because you had text us with the details a day earlier. The driver ( Mr. Vengket) googled for the map to my school and he could drive us there with no problem. His service was good and professional helping us to load and unload our luggage. Thank you to Cassie, the driver and skyvan!! I will definitely recommend this service to others!

Great team and good service!! Thank YOU

Pn Ngau

Just wanted to thank Sharinee and her team so much for retrieving a bag I had left on board a Skybus. They managed to identify my bag and then hold it for me when I stopped by KL on the way back. I thought I had lost it completely but through constant communication with Skybus, I managed to get it back safe and sound.

Really fantastic customer service and can’t thank you guys enough!

So I took a skybus from lcc terminal in kuala to kl central on march 7th 2012 at 130pm and left a very expensive gray suit on the top rack above the seats. The next day I called Sharinee on the customer help line and she was able to find the bus I was on and locate my suit in an hour!! I couldn’t believe it. Also a guy named Mohan helped me out a lot as well. And I wanted to mention the names of guys that were also helpful, Ganesh , Mohan, shankar, and Praba. But Sharinee on the phone was so sweet and nice. I went to kl central today on march 8 th and picked up my suit. This is wonderful customer service, I wish we had this in America !! Wonderful Job skybus!

Jonathan Weaver
Chartering van from LCCT to Club Med

To Skybus Management:

I promised myself to drop a few words of appreciation to Skybus team specifically certain individuals who helped to locate and return my lost external HDD. On 2 June, 2011 I took the 5.30pm bus to LCCT from KL Sentral. When I reached my destination in Sg, I realized that my external HDD was not with me but I was very sure I did not drop it in the bus.When I could not find the missing item back in KL on 7 June, 2011, I realized that in all likelihood, I somehow left it on the bus on 2/6/11. I managed to talk to Ery (Skybus supervisor at Sentral) in the morning of 7 June who explained to me it is standard procedure for the driver to check the bus after passengers alight from the bus. He asked me to contact the supervisor Devan at LCCT later to check for the lost item. I called Devan and found out that the driver Zamri did safekeep my external HDD. Zamri even suggested for me to pick up my item at Sentral instead of going all the way to LCCT since he was driving back to LCCT later in the afternoon.

My external HDD contains my family photo album collection (spanning my kids growing-up years) which is invaluable and irreplaceable and I got it back. Many thanks to Zamri for his initiatives and Ery, Devan for their assistance. Although it may be part of Skybus standard operating procedure to check the bus after passengers alight, still the individuals I mentioned deserve compliments for their commendable service.

With many thanks and appreciation,

Dear Sharinee and Skybus-Team

I cannot let another day go by without thanking you sincerely for your prompt and attentive service while recovering my missing netbook from one of your KLCC to KL Sentral airport shuttle buses.

Service like yours is rare in business these days and I do not want my appreciation to go unstated. Thank you very much for going through such great lengths to make sure the netbook got returned to me.

You can be very certain that I will continue to patronise Skybus for all my travel needs.

Again, many thanks and all the very best wishes,

Robert Janke

To: The manager SKYBUS…LCCT Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Sir,
I wish to put in writing… all my gratefulness to your honest staff. My story is as follows:…

We were from Kuching, Sarawak on Flight AK 5211 and arrived in KL at 5.30pm on 21st April 2011.

My husband and I boarded Sky bus BJD 1309 from LCCT to KL Sentral on 21st April 2011 around 6pm. . It was only when I wanted to pay for food at KL Sentral that I noticed my purse which contained my credit cards, my identity card, driving licence and cash was not in my handbag. I really panicked and was helpless and devastated. However, my husband calmed me down and suggested that we phone Skybus using the number at the back of the ticket . Mr Chris answered my phone and asked me to contact Mr. Ganesh at KL Sentral. I contacted Mr. Ganesh and he helped me contact the driver Mr. Sakaran. He told me that the driver had found a purse in the bus. By 10.40pm, Mr. Sakaran the driver of bus no: BJD 1309 returned my purse intact and nothing was lost.

Herewith I wish to express my gratefulness to all of you who have assisted me this evening. My trip to KL here would be ruined had my purse went missing – especially all the documents.. Once again… Thank you.. –
May God Bless You Always

From: Daisy Segie


We were able to get Hairul to drive us around KL and Genting.
We like the experience very much!
Rest assured that I will recommend SkyVans to my friends when they go to KL in the future.

Maria Montserrat C. Magdael
Cotabato City, Philippines

Dear Marina:

I’m really overwhelmed to receive your call and email. I appreciate your great effort and concern for the customer.
I find it’s a great convenience to use Skybus to and fro KL Sentral and LCCT. I will use Skybus again.
Thank you and God bless you.

Wong Kien Kuok

Thank you so much Marina! I have collected my bag and now on my way home. Great to know there are still good people in the world. Ganesh, Logesh, you and the entire Skybus team provided excellent customer service!

Thank you again.

Monique Wesc

Dear Marina

This is the first time I am travelling on SKYBUS. I really appreciate all the help you have given me. I will never forget this.
Thank you so much for your concern, kindness and quick service.

Best regards
Honggi Jeon

Good morning Ms. Marina,

Thank you so much for your prompt action and understanding. Your kind effort is highly appreciated!!
Your efficiency rendered is very much appreciated and once again, THANK YOU!!

Best Regards,
Caroline Thien

Thank you Skybus for the nice trip to and from LCCT during my trip to KL.
We had an enjoyable time riding on your Skybus which was on schedule for our check in time at LCCT.

No worries anymore everytime I travel on AirAsia since I can have my Skybus ticket purchased online as well.

I just bought tickets for my kids to visit me this school holidays in Labuan. It is so convenient for them to travel to and from LCCT /KL Sentral for the trip.

Thanks again Skybus crew and keep up the good work!

Abd Majid

Dear Chris,

I would like to pay one of your Sky Bus drivers a compliment. The other day it was raining heavily on the highway to LCCT and suddenly the car in front of us started spinning backwards. I thought in my mind that the car was going to hit us from the front. Your driver in the nick of time, averted the collision by veering away from the car. He then stopped the bus on the side of the road and ran to the back to check on the driver of the car to see if she was alright (she was ok, not a scratch on her or the car).

With the increasing number of road accidents lately, I think he needs to be commended for being a safe as well as a caring driver. I don’t know his name but it was the 8.30am bus from KL Sentral station on 11 Nov 2010.

Thank you.

Corporate Culture
AirAsia Berhad

Thank you Skybus for the nice and safe trip on Sept 22 from KL Sentral to LCCT. Thank you for the helpful staff.
Keep up the good service.

Jose Abraham (Philippines)

Mr Chris dan semua warga Skybus,

Terima kasih tak terhingga kerana telah menemui dan mengembalikan semula bagasi saya dalam keadaan seperti asal.

Nurfatin Nabila Abdullah

Dear Skybus
I am bowled out with your professional business of transporting people to and fro LCCT. It is so convenient to book your bus with the flight, and cheaper too!!! Today I was a bit worried if you would depart on time for me to catch my early morning flight. When I checked my watch, the bus started on the dot and I arrived well ahead of time. Thanks for keeping to the schedule, which is paramount. Thanks once again to SkyBus and team, keep the great service rolling.

Shyam Sundar R

Dear Skyvans,

Thank you so much for your arrangement of transportation for our trips during our stay in Malaysia.
We are very impressed with the outstanding service of the skyvan drivers Mr Vengket and Mr Zairi. Please do us a favour and relate our thanks to them. We wish you a bright future for your business.

Best regards


I came to know about Skybus through Air Asia. I thought its so cheap must be cheap standard bad timing old buses with a fresh coat of paint.

What a surprise I had !

Its very good and fantastic value. No need for a regular taxi man anymore and no stress on my husband if no taxi available to drive me all the way to LCCT and pick me up. Sentral is so convenient. I travel to Japan every month and the buses are as good as those in Kansai Airport at Osaka

I am one happy customer. Thank you Skybus

What a nice surprise Malaysia Boleh . I am so proud Malaysia has this sort of bus service

Linda Chin Plascow

Today we returned from KL to India. Everybody in our familly liked your
skybus service. Everybody wants to take only skybus in future. And moreover
I thought to meet you to thank you a lot for giving us so much information
about KL. I really want to thank you again. Our trip was good just because
of you.

Thanking You,
Arpan Goenka

I am pleased with the fast response to my email sent at 10.18am on 13 Nov,2009 and it was responded at 10.33am on the same day, exactly 15 minutes waiting time. I was expecting another 3-5 working days before my email was responded by the staff of Skybus.

I was enquiring about the bus tickets i bought online which i was unsure if i needed to go to the office to get the physical tickets as I would be boarding the bus at 4am for my 7am flight. The response was a staff would be standing there by the bus to issue the bus tickets on the day i am supposed to board the bus for my flight, even though its early in the morning. This is a pleasant suprise and reading the users’ compliments, no doubt i have not made the wrong choice to purchase my bus tickets online together with flight tickets. All at a few clicks and i saved RM1.50 for each ticket bought too. Talking about savings, not only my time but money as well.

Thank you and do countinue to keep up the excellent customer service standard. A word of compliment brings more customers to you, whereas a word of complaint sends more customers away!


I would like to express my appreciation to Skyvans, especially Mr. Aziz, our driver to LCCT. The booking procedure was so easy and convenient. There were nine of us who used this service and we were really satisfied with the charges and service. Our pickup time was 4.30am. I was very worried that Mr. Aziz would be unable to find our house and not reach our house on time. But the fact is, Mr. Aziz reached the front of our house at 4.15am, 15 minutes earlier. He drove us safely to LCCT. We were so happy with the service. I definitely will recommend Skyvans to my friends and book Skyvans to LCCT again.

Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Derik and friends 😀

We all enjoyed our trip to Genting & KL. We would like to thank Skyvans and in particluar Skyvans driver Vengkat for the transport arrangements. Vengkat was exceptionally nice and helpful, He made perfect arrangements for our day tour in KL and we had a wonderful day before heading home. Thanks much again.

Jacky Wong

Dear Skybus Management,

I just wanted to send a quick letter and voice my appreciation for Skybus as a transport option here in KL. Your bus service has proven to be a dependable, inexpensive, and efficient method for getting to the LCCT and I personally won’t use any other way to get there. For me, whenever I book an AirAsia flight online, adding on a Skybus return trip is automatic. Not only can I rely on prompt and comfortable transportation to and from the airport, I can avoid taking taxis and wondering—especially as a non-local—whether or not I got ripped off.

I was also impressed by the rapid and sincere response, both by e-mail and by phone, that I received when I recently contacted Skybus with a concern about a scheduled LCCT departure time. Thank you for not only providing such a valuable service at a truly affordable price, but providing it with a measure of customer appreciation and satisfaction that is all too rarely seen around here. Many companies would do well to model their business approach after that of Skybus.

Kind regards,
Chad Merchant

Dear Sirs/Madam,


I would like to take this time to thank you and the staff at Sky Bus Co for your exemplary dedication, honesty and customer care based on my personal experience on the afternoon of 22nd June 2009.

Both my international and restricted passports had slipped off my pocket when I left the bus to check in at LCCT. Only an hour later did I finally realize that I must have lost it in the bus. A quick phone call and less than five minutes later a return call and both my passports were returned to me personally. It was one huge relieve. A million thanks to you, the excellent management and staff and may god bless you all.

Radaha Krishnan

To SkyVans

Thank you for the great arrangement!
We are very pleased with your service!
We will surely recommend others to your service.

Oliver Choo

Kepada Rudy dan staf skybus kerana meyimpan bag saya yg hilang tempoh hari. terima kasih sekali lagi.

On 17th May 2009, we (group of 8) hired your van from LCCT to Klang. Our driver was En. Noh. Upon arrival in Klang, I found that my wallet was missing. I thought I must have dropped my wallet in the van. With assistance from your office, we managed to contact your van driver, En. Noh. He confirmed the wallet was found by one of the passenger’s in the van and that the wallet was in his safe custody. Subsequently, I collected the wallet from him on the same day. I thank him for his honesty and sincerity and would also like to thank your office staff for the prompt action. Thank you again and keep up the good work.


I would like to say a huge thank you for organising our transfers whilst in KL. Aziz our driver was an excellent driver with a very clean vehicle and we felt safe at all times with Aziz.

When we return to KL we will definitely book SkyVans and Aziz again!

Kind Regards
Nadia Rullo

Thank you for finding my lost luggage. You have saved me thousands of Ringgit as my multimedia projector and other important material were in the luggage. More importantly, finding my luggage meant my work would not be interrupted.

And to those who do not know what happened, here is the story:

I arrived at LCCT on Friday evening, 21st November 2008, back from Kota Kinabalu after a two day business trip. I boarded SkyBus at 9:45pm. I arrived at KL Sentral at 10:45pm. There was some congestion due to some road works at KL Sentral, so in my hurry to get down, I forgot my luggage that was in the luggage compartment of the bus. When I did realise my luggage was missing, the bus had gone and I couldn’t do anything as the SkyBus counter at KL Sentral had closed for the night. I had no choice but to go home and expect the worst.

When I reached home, I went to the SkyBus web site and found their hotline. I called but there were no answer as it was past 12 midnight. I left a message as well as a SMS. The next morning, on Saturday at 7:30am. I received a SMS from the Hotline number saying that they were locating my lost luggage and would contact me shortly. About 15 minutes later, a call came saying my luggage had been found at LCCT and would be delivered to KL Sentral for collection. At 9:30 am, I was at KL Sentral and picked up my lost luggage.

I was told by the SkyBus KL Sentral staff that their SkyBus colleagues at LCCT went bus to bus to find my lost luggage. Such is the dedication of SkyBus staff.

This is a company with very responsible staff and was able to handle the crisis very professionally. So the next time you travel to LCCT or come back from LCCT, please insist on taking SkyBus. I know I will.

Thank you again to all you wonderful people in SkyBus. Thank you and God Bless you. You will see me again. You have won a loyal customer.

Best regards,

James Ng

I am one of your customers that used your service today. I started the journey from LCCT at 6.30pm and reached KL Sentral at around 7.15pm. In my rush, I forgot to take my black NIKE bag pack which was in the bus luggage compartment. I contacted your call center and informed them about the incident. My call was answered by a skybus staff. After I had given her all the information, she proceeded to help me find the bag. After about half an hour, she called me and told me that the bag had been found in SkyBus registration number BJD 1389 driven by En Nasir. Thank god! She asked me to be at KL Sentral at 11.15pm to wait for this bus. I got back my bag. Thanks!

I would like to congratulate the management of Skybus for having such dedicated staff and Nasir for being dedicated and honest.
I wish Skybus continued success.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Best Regards,

Mohd Sabarudin Sain

I travelled from LCCT to Sentral last week and left behind a hand luggage. I only found out upon arriving home and not finding it in the cab. By the time I rushed back to Sentral the bus had already left. Spoke to a staff nearby who put me in touch with the manager based at LCCT. Was informed that the bus driver had already finished his shift (it was close to midnight) but he asked that I wait for his call as he would check with the said driver and revert back to me within 10 minutes. Hardly 3 minutes later he called to inform that the bag was found and I was to return to collect it the next day. Indeed when I got to Sentral it was there! I was pretty impressed and it was my fault to leave the bag behind and highly likely it won’t be found. Or even though found the finder can keep mum about it. Obviously Sky Bus has done well in training their staff and not only that but the staff themselves have integrity. Well done guys!

Thanks for the good and reliable service. The 2 skyvans were very punctual and we reached the KL LCCT airport in 2 hour.

Adeline Lee


I would like to thank you again for all your help. As I mentioned before, you are really dedicated to your work. Since the first time I spoke to you regarding the online booking of the skybus ticket, I knew you were the type that put a smile on the face of others. It is rare to find that kind of person in this modern world nowadays. The book means a lot to my daughter, Tiara as she will be sitting for her trial exam soon. Compliments also to your Skybus staff, as they are very friendly and helpful as well. We have been traveling on your bus every month to and fro and we will continue doing so.I will also pass the word around to my friends in and out of the country to take nothing else but Air Asia and the SkyBus, because of the excellent service and efficiency of the staff. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get Tiara’s book tonight because the counter closes at 10. When my daughter got off the bus at 10.30, one of your staff was still there and approached my daughter because he recognized her from her frequent bus trip to LCCT. That is what efficiency is all about, recognizing your passengers is one of them. Having a boss like you, it goes without saying that’s why your staff are what they are- hardworking, efficient, and pleasant.Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. take my word, you will go very far in life.

Dayang N.

Dear Sir,

This is a letter of appreciation and thank you addressed to Mr. Seenu.

We took his van from the LCCT on the evening of 28th July 2008 to our house in Ukay Heights. We accidentally left our camera and passport in his van (WQR 1876). We wish to thank him very much for taking the trouble to come back and return our belongings.

From the bottom of our heart, Thank you ever so much.

Datin Thuraiya and family

Dear Skyvans,

I’m home(jakarta) now. We are very satisfied with the services of Skyvans and gladly will use your services again for our next trip. I will recommend your service to other travellers.
Again thank you and warm regards,


Hi. Thank you Skybus staff for finding my son’s passport.
Thank you for being so caring.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank SKYBUS for excellent service in helping us to find our lost luggage, help us arrange delivery of our lost luggage from LCCT to KL Sentral and excellent coordination to ensure we received our luggage on time.

Thanks for excellent service!

Best regards,
Mei Ting & Family


it was a great journey.

Shazlina Asraf

Hello Skybus!

I have been working in Labuan for almost 3 years now. Finding information about transport that I need to use when I get to Peninsula Malaysia is now very easy with the help of this website. Skybus provides me with a good timetable for the bus so that it makes my planning so much easier. Also, with the presence of airasia.com and tunehotels.com, my life is easy to manage. I can book the flight from airasia.com, find my way to Tune Hotel with Skybus and get a good rest with booking from tunehotels.com. Nice service and everything is just a (maybe two or three) clicks away.

Thanks guys!

Mohd Wahidi

Sharinee has been very helpful and flexible about the transport. I’m very satisfied with her assistance, while I was on the trip up to Genting and down from Genting.

Special thanks to Lawrence, Rao and Lokman too.

Very happy, pls keep me informed about news and updates, will be looking forward to working with you again.


To Sharinee,

I would like to thank you for our wonderful service in Kuala Lumpar. The transfers were excellent and the drivers were on time and very courteous. The guide that took us on the excursions was excellent he was very helpful and offered a lot of advice.

Thank you very much, I would definitely let others know of your wonderful service.

Best wishes,

Dear SKyVans



Dear Chris,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the driver and staff of Skybus for helping me to recover my mobile phone which was left behind in the SKYVAN I have hired from LCCT to Capitol Hotel on 1 May 2008. Your staff, Sharinee, was indeed very polite and helpful to locate the honest driver, Lokman. After finding the mobile phone, goodhearted Lokman returned the phone personally to me that evening.

I am indeed grateful to the both of them and I would like to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Warmest regards,

Paul Ung
Hong Kong

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I would like to thank skyvans for helping me to get back my lost luggage inside the van on 29 april of 2008 and I want to take this opportunity to say that they provide good service to customers. So i hope all of us can support skybus/skyvans in the future.


Mr. Sia

Dear SkyBus

Thank you for your search and for your reply. It is very kind and professional. Skybus is very much user oriented.
Congratulations and best regards.


thanks alot the trip was really pleasent and enjoyable..

Nadia Al-Hajri

We could not be happier with the service we had received from our guides and driver. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, reliable, caring, charming and made us feel extremely welcome. We would not hesitate to recommend them, and hope that in the next few years we will be able to return to Malaysia with our daughter so she can experience their warmth. Please pass on our regards and please give them a well deserved pat on the back – they certainly make a fantastic trio. If any of them would like to drop us an email, we would be happy for you to pass on our email address.

We could not have been happier – thanks for the life long memories.

Lisa Long

Many thanks for getting our mobile phone back to us from our Sky Van from LCC-T last Thursday. When we realised after your van had left that it had slipped out of a pocket, we were of course worried, but your driver very kindly got it back to us. Great extra service, thanks again.

Sue Heslop

Dear SkyBus,
We have tried your service, Sky Bus, and in our opinion, was good. So, thank you very much for your help. We bought the SkyBus ticket in the flight from Jogjakarta to Kuala Lumpur.

I have already arrived at my home yesterday by air asia ak 1004, arrived at 16.25.


I would like to thank En. Imran and the bus driver (SkyBus departing LCCT on 11.15 pm 22nd March 2008) for their help in returning my travel bag which I carelessly left on the bus.

I really appreciate En. Imran’s efforts and prompt updates.
Thank you very much.

Leong Yen

Dear Cassie,

I have just come back from Beijing. We had a very, very pleasant trip to Malaysia. Thanks very much for your kind assistance and support. Mr. Anand and Mr. Din are professional and polite. They provided attentive and punctual service to us. All of us are satistied with them. We think Malaysia is a clean, civilized and a comfortable counrty. She has very beautiful views. Maybe we will come back again in future. Hope to contact you soon.

Best. Regards.
Fanny Zhang Xiaofen

Dear Sharinee,

I would like to thank you for your support given in locating my bag on January 28, 2008. I really appreciate your efforts and prompt feedback and calls.

I would surely introduce Skybus services to my friends and colleagues.

Mohan Anasalam

Dear Sharinee,

Thank you very much for your assistance in helping to find two (2) passports left on one of your buses yesterday. We really appreciate your quick response.

Thank you,

I wish to thank Miss Sharinee & Aziz, the driver who was arranged to pick me and my guests at the LCCT Airport on Sunday, 13th January 2008.

Sharinee replied back to my inquiry promptly and supplied me with the details I had inquired. I am very satisfied with her assistance. She is very good, eloquent and responsible in arranging and confirming my booking. The day before the charter she called and informed me of the pick up confirmation once again. I wish to highlight that one of your staff at the LCCT called me and supplied the name & contact detail of the designated driver on that day.

Encik Aziz is a very good driver, punctual and helpful too. We had a very comfortable journey all the way to KL City Centre where the accomodations are. The transportation is very spacious and comfortable, most importantly its very clean !!

Overall i am very happy and glad i had emailled Skyvans Sdn Bhd and used their services by the end of thd day without hesitation. They’re friendly, cooperative, considerate, helpful and very courteous!! Excellent!! I have no hesitation to use their services again and recommend them to any of my friends and family who wishes to come here in Malaysia.

Thank you again to Miss Sharinee & colleagues!!

Dk Fatimah Pg Ahmad

Dear Skybus,

We are very thankful for the good work of the staff, the driver, and the CEO of SkyVans Sdn.Bhd. Our laptop was left in the van we rented for our trip from LCCT to KLCC last Nov 29. They were very professional and prompt response was given. They returned our laptop in good condition the day after. The CS officer Ms. Sharinee was really helpful and professional, she kept contacting and updating us with news on the laptop. Also the driver was really honest to deliver our laptop back to the Ascott where we stayed during our visit to Malaysia. I really appreciate the professional, caring and calming response from Sharinee. I believe with this excellent service from you, this company would benefit tremendously.

Thank you.
Henry D. Putranto
PT. International Test Center
ETS Official Representative in Indonesia

Hi Shamala,

I want to thank your staff for the trip from KL Sentral to LCCT and LCCT to KL Sentral on 9/12 & 11/12 respectively.

We had a friend who left her passport when we reached LCCT (9/12) and someone left her souvenirs in the bus when we reached KL Sentral (11/12).

Sylvester and the bus drivers were very helpful. They helped us to resolve the problem.

Thank you very much.

Vienna Lim

Dear Sir/madam,
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Sky Bus and in particular Sharinee who assisted me on the 16th and 23rd of October 2007.

I unfortunately left my travel bag in one of your vans that transported me from KLIA to the Boulevard Hotel. It contained over $10 000-00 in cash, my passport, laptop etc. I phoned and spoke to Sharinee in a complete panic. The prompt and calm manner in which she helped me was excellent and the problem was resolved and the bag returned with all in tact within an hour.

Again the service I received from Sharinee when booking our return van to KLIA was prompt, professional and efficient.
Thank you Sharinee and all at Sky Bus you all rock big time.

Kind Regards
Damian Johnston
Proc Broc Asia

Dear Chris, dear SkyBus team,

We would like to thank you again for your professional support and coordination during the event for the Aga Khan Award of Architecture held in Kuala Lumpur on 04. September 2007.

We have been subcontracted by our correspondent in Switzerland for arranging all ground transportation
in Kuala Lumpur for this important ceremon. Our main concern was meeting the high standards of the 270 VIPs attending the ceremony from all over the world. We were very lucky to find Sky Bus as our general supplier for all ground transportation. The 24 hour
availability of your staff before and during the event, as well as the excellent customer service standards
were a critical factor to making this event a full success.

We have received a lot of compliments from the delegates for the excellent and most flexible service offered by your company and would like to pass these on to you and your team.

Thank you again for all your efforts to making this event a full success and we hope to arrange many more big events with your collaboration.


Kind regards

Andreas Guenthard
Federica Clemente
Kuala Lumpur, Switzerland, Italy

I am writing to thank the Skybus LCCT service, and their staff for an extremely helpful, timely and professional response on this past Monday 13 Aug ’07, when I notified them that I thought I might have left my wallet on LCCT-Sentral bus late Sunday night. Having been trekking in Sarawak/Mulu for the past 10 days, it wasn’t until the next day, when I was unpacking the gear, when I realized that my wallet was missing. Having been in South East Asia for a few months, I’ve experienced a wide spectrum of people and business practices, and have learnt to be flexible in my dealings, taking the good with the bad. So, I wasn’t expecting anything in particular when I notified Skybus of my loss. Imagine my surprise, when a hour later, I received a call from the delightful Ms. Sharinee who informed me that the errant wallet was indeed, on a Skybus, and enroute to KL Sentral as we spoke. Would I like to make arrangements to pick it up?

Her followup and attention to the matter, and its timely resolution, were a delightful reminder of how businesses should be.
Keep up the good service! Merdeka!

A C Hay
tinrooster consulting, alameda, ca usa

Hi Sky Bus Team,

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks for helping me to recover my laptop which I left on the bus yesterday (14 Aug). I have never experienced such fast response from your customer service, courtesy of Ms. Sharinee and the wonderful guys at the KL Sentral Station. In less than hour after I left it at the overhead compartment – my laptop was already in my hands!

Keep up the good service!

Best regards,
Lorena Garcia – Frequent Traveler, from the Philippines

Mr Chris S.Thiagarajah

To the management and staff of SKY VANS,

I want to thank you for taking the time for finding and returning my hand phone Nokia 9500 on Monday 9 July 2007 that I accidentally left in SKY VAN van that I took from KL Sentral station to the city .
Your staff and management are to be commended for their good work and honesty .
Thank you once again for your kindness and patience Chris.

Sincerely yours,
Lukman Priosoetanto

Dear Chris,
I have used the services of Skybus few times and would like to share my recent experience that I believe demonstrates one of the highest quality of standards that you practice in order to achieve true “customer satisfaction”.

On our recent trip to Langkawi and on our return we have apparently picked up a wrong bag at the airport and returned home via Skybus. Once we realized the problem and on approaching Skybus staff at KL sentral and head office few things occurred that I would like to share with you.
1) Fast response time – couple of your staff members calling me back to understand the problem and finding the solution
2) A courteous staff that offered my wife a complimentary ride to LCCT from KL Sentral and back so that we can exchange the bags with Air Asia @ LCCT.

Kindly accept my sincere appreciation and I look forward to using the services provided by Skybus in future as well.

Kind Regards
Deepak Wadhwa

Award Winner
Golden Bull Award
Enterprise 50
Ernst & Young